The Benevolent Spanish Society
Centro Espanol-La Nacional
239 West 14 Street (between 7th and 8th Avenue)
New York, NY 10011
(212) 929-7873 (Office)
(212) 243-9308 (Restaurant)

The Spanish Society

The Benevolent Spanish Society, known as El Centro Espanol-La Nacional, is located right in the heart of Manhattan. It is one of the treasures of the Spanish Community in the United States. For more than 130 years, El Centro Espanol-La Nacional has offered generations of Spaniards, Hispanic-Americans, visitors, and residents of this country a chance to feel not so far from home.

Enjoy a piece of Spain in New York.

Brief History

El Centro Espanol-La Nacional was founded on November 15th, 1868, under the administration of president Mr. Magin Janer, located at 151 Bowery Street in New York City.

The concentration of immigrnats from all different regions of Spain led to the formation of several centers such as “El Centro Gallego” (The Gacilian Center), “Coruna” (Corunna), “Montanes” (Mountain Dwellers), “Aragones” (Argonese). In 1929 these centers united forming “El Centro Espanol” (The Spanish Center). In the same way, this Spanish Center was born as a result of the fusion of two associations, The Hispanic-American Center and the Benevolent Spanish Union, founded in 1903 and 1914, respectively.

With the same objective, in 1923, the “Centro Asturiano” (Asturian Center) was founded. First located in Brooklyn, at 50 Willow St. In 1927 it was consolidated into the Delegation of the Asturian Center of Habana in New York. It had as many has 16 branches and over 3500 members.

In 1929 with the fusion of La Nacional, Centro Espanol, and Centro Asturiano, a non-profit organization was founded under the name “Sociedad Espanola de Socorros Mutuos” (Spanish Society of Mutual Aid) with its first location at 239 West 14th St. in New York City.

The Ballroom

Our ballroom is located on the second floor of our building. The salon presents different cultural activities. Here we host Alegrias presenting weekly traditional flamenco from Andalucia, theater lectures, performances, painting and photo exhibitions on different cultural programs about Spain.

Our Cantina

La Nacional, and it happens to be the oldest Spanish restaurant in Manhattan. We offer typical culinary dishes from all regions in Spain.

If you want to become a member of the Society please call (212) 929-7973.