Arts Flamenco was founded in 2003 to preserve the traditions of flamenco, while also evolving it as an art form for now and the future. Through education and performance, Arts Flamenco’s mission is to foster an intelligent appreciation of the art of flamenco and its Andalucian culture. The initial founders of Arts Flamenco were Jorge Navarro, Sally Geisel, and Veronica Tomaiuolo. Since its inception, Antonio Hildalgo and Antonia Navarro have joined as officers and directors. Arts Flamenco is a tax-exempt §501(c)(3) organization which relies on sponsors, individual donations, and class and performance revenue to further its mission.

Jorge Navarro began flamenco dance instruction at the age of twelve in his homeland of Andalucia, Spain. He became a full-time dance company member six years later and performed throughout Europe and the Americas. The multi-cultural make-up of New York enticed him to stay, and he became a naturalized citizen more than twenty-five years ago. In the 1980’s, Mr. Navarro founded his own dance company, which performed throughout North, South, and Central America. While they danced in many large theaters, they also performed in school auditoriums as well. Mr. Navarro felt a special pride in reaching young audiences and providing them with the experience of live music and dance. He continued along this path, presenting educational lecture-demonstrations in flamenco arts, and teaching dance workshops in schools and colleges across the nation. Mr. Navarro’s dedication to arts education culminated in his forming Arts Flamenco. Arts Flamenco is taking the flamenco form to new heights with cutting edge company work, while still respecting and maintaining traditional flamenco works through education, outreach, and collaboration with guest choreographers and artists who bring other artistic visions to the company.